Sunnyboys Have Been Discontinued So RIP To Your Perfect Childhood Summers


Yet another longstanding summer ritual has been ripped away from our sugar-soaked fingers, ’cause the folks at The Daily Drinks Co have chosen to discontinue the ever-dependable Sunnyboy.

You’re allowed to cry. This is a judgment free zone.  Perhaps you might like to console yourself with some lesser frozen treat.

In a statement, Sunnyboy’s makers declared those icy geometric oddities won’t be falling out of your freezer door for much longer due to a “sustained reduction [in consumers]… over a long period of time, making it necessary to delete the product from our range of water ice treats.”

While the product’s permanent disappearance isn’t a total surprise, it would have been nice if we were given some warning beforehand. Perhaps the snack industry should adopt the tried-and-true wildlife rating system, so we could have at least found out the Sunnyboy was endangered. 

Regardless, The Daily Drinks Co stopped making ’em last month, and the Sunnyboy corner of their site doesn’t even herald their disappearance. Here’s an archived copy from June this year, resplendent in frozen glory:

Here’s the same page from today:
It’s tough to swallow, much like Sunnyboys were if you didn’t cut the corner just right. 
Australians are just recognising their loss, and we’re responding much as you’d expect:

There is some good news to take out of this, though. They’ve declared none of their other brands are currently at risk of extinction, which is just as well: if they took our Zooper Doopers away, there’d be goddamn chaos in the streets. 

Source: Daily Mail / Essential Kids.
Photo: @TheOnlyLongy / Twitter.