Australian summer brings a unique set of challenges for the ~ sophisticated ~ drinker. 

Yes, there will always be a place for an ice-cold froff. Yes, daiquiris are already here in a big bloody way. But, god forbid, what happens if you find yourself in a sitch where neither the humble brew, nor a slushie topped with gin, will pass muster?

One Sydney bar reckons it has the answer. Pelicano in Double Bay is gearing up to sling out frozen rosé – with the name “frosé”, of course – and publican Andrew Becher is dead cert the American-borne drank is gonna be a bloody smash.

The bar has even prepped itself a designated “frosé garden” in anticipation, where punters will be able to grab the wine passed through a slushie machine for $15 a pop. Not anywhere nearby? No woz. A slew of resources are available for you to fix one up at home.

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In a chit-chat with Australian Financial Review, Becher downplayed the supposedly feminine connotation of the base plonk, saying there’s already a precedent for thirsty blokes to guzzle ’em down. 

“In Europe, just as many men as women drink rosé,” he said, before making mention of the portmanteau “brosé.” 

That term already has a parallel, too: blokes flocking to the rose gold iPhone 6 prompted the term “brose gold”. We’ll let you make of that what you will, but Becher says “in this industry, where women go men generally follow.”

Summer ain’t too far away, so we’ll find out soon enough if the dude’s gamble pays off. If not, 7-Eleven and Dan Murphy’s are probs just around the corner.

Source: Australian Financial Review. 
Photo: @erinderoy / Instagram.