Everyday ReWhatTheFuck: This Bloke Got His Woolies Everyday Rewards Card Tattooed On His Arm

A TikToker has revealed the most committed Woolworths hack of all time: a tattoo of his Everyday Rewards card. And the best part? It seems like it actually bloody works.

Ralph Rivera aka @ralphrivera247 on TikTok did something many of us do after a long day or dusty night. He bought himself a big ‘ol bottle of Sprite at Woolies. Sugar-free Sprite mind you. A controversial choice if there ever was one.

But when the mysterious being living in the Woolies self-checkout machine asked him to scan his Everyday Rewards card, Rivera didn’t reach for his wallet. Nay, he did not fetch his little plastic card. Instead he bloody well scanned his arm.

Elon Musk deffo just started taking notes deep in a lab somewhere.

@ralphrivera247Tattoo hack! Lol.♬ original sound – Ralph Rivera

Rivera captioned the video “tattoo hack” and TBH he’s not wrong.

Folks in the comments had mixed feelings about the tatt.

“Too bad the rewards card numbers change every few years,” pointed out one. Look, this is why we have laser tattoo removal surely?

“I just use my apple wallet but ok,” said another. Sorry but booping your phone on a card reader hardly compares to the drama, the pinache and the spectacle of a full Everyday Rewards card tattoo.

But a load of people also commented “need”. Fuck fine line artwork and watercolours I guess. Woolies Everyday Rewards card tattoos are the way of the future.

The Everyday Rewards card tattoo has yet to be formally endorsed by Woolies though. And somehow I doubt they’ll make this part of their permanent marketing strategy. Maybe it’s a good idea to stick with the ‘ol Apple Wallet for convenience?

I am also very curious about how a Woolies worker would react if you tried this at a regular checkout instead of a self-serve. We need a follow-up video stat.