A Big W Customer Picked Up A PS5 For Literally $9 With The Most Furiously Simple Points Hack


A Big W customer hacked the entire darn system this week and bought a $799 PlayStation 5 for just $9 with a furiously simple trick.

As per news.com.au, the man posted his receipts in the Markdown Addicts Australia Facebook group and explained how he used his Everyday Rewards – the Woolworths loyalty points system – to get a, gulp, 98.8 per cent discount. In what universe is this possible???

Basically, for every 2000 points earned, Everyday Rewards members can earn $10 off their next shop. So the man combined alllll his $10 vouchers from *many* shopping trips to Big W and Woolies and used them all to buy the game console.

This doesn’t sound like much of a Big W system hack but turns out he figured out how to earn the 2000 points every time without *actually spending money*.

Ready for it?

Every time he went to the shops… he bought… prepaid Visa cards.


Yep, he just went to Big W and Woolies over and over, bought a bunch of prepaid debit cards, racked up the Everyday Rewards points and then used them to get $790 off a gift to himself. He was then able to use the prepaid cards for real essential shopping like groceries and fuel.

Go off king etc. but ugh, how did I not think of this?

The man said it took him about 18 months to collect $1000 from the rewards system, which is about 100 shops. It’s definitely not a minor feat, and probably not one you could achieve in time for Christmas.

Although… I do have a lot of time and very little money on my hands…

PS5s were also notoriously hard to acquire after they were released in Australia early this year but are now, thankfully pretty easy to find.

But if gaming’s not your flavour, maybe just earn enough points to go buy yourself a big chocolate mud cake or an inflatable unicorn or something.