Caramilk Hokey Pokey Has Just Crash Landed In Australia And My Mind, Body And Soul Is Ready

It seems like Cadbury’s Caramilk is the chocolate version of John Farnham, it’s the comeback king that keeps getting bigger and better. This time, Caramilk is hitting our stores in a new Hokey Pokey flavour. So hurry up and get inside me please (and no, that doesn’t mean what you think).

So what the hell is a Caramilk Hokey Pokey?? It’s a golden blend of caramelised white chocolate with hokey pokey honeycomb pieces. So I imagine it might be similar to a Golden Gaytime, *that* delicious toffee flavour with some yummy AF crunchy pieces of heaven.

Caramilk has quite frankly taken Australia by storm, with every man and his dog frothing over the once forgotten choccy flavour. Last year, the caramelised white choc blocks fell from heaven and onto Australian soil. It was also rumoured that we’d get our hands on the Hokey Pokey flavour around then too, and while some were spotted in Aussie stores, Cadbury confirmed that that the blocks were only going to be widely available in New Zealand. Welp.

But good news: these yummy bad boys are now officially available down under. However, Caramilk Hokey Pokey is a limited edition product, so please start lining up outside Coles like a sneakerhead immediately.

If Hokey Pokey reminds you too much of that dance we were all forced to do as kids, then there’s also Caramilk Marble. The incredible flavour combines Caramilk and the classic Cadbury milk choc flavour. It’s also pumped full of hazelnut prailine. Hm, yes, come to papi.

I love you like a son. My sweet, sweet Caramilk.