Um, It Looks Like That Caramilk Hokey Pokey Choccy Has Jumped The Pond To Australia

Remember how we told you earlier this year that blocks of Caramilk Hokey Pokey choccy had been spotted in New Zealand? Well, I’m very excited to let you know that blocks have now been spotted in Melbourne, specifically in servos around the inner south. Please, try and keep relatively calm but also take a moment to check your 5km radius again, just to be safe.

Blocks of the hokey pokey Caramilk choc were spied in a BP servo in Malvern in Melbourne’s inner south by the sister of writer Anna Spargo Ryan, who shared a picture of the block on her Twitter last night.

Quite possibly the only New Zealander granted entry into Victoria, let alone the country, this side of the pandemic lockdowns, tbh.

Almost unfairly, Anna’s sister had simply sent her a photo of the chocolate and not an actual block, but she had let her know where she’d found the sacred rare block. Anna told PEDESTRIAN.TV that she’d tripped to her own local BP but couldn’t spy the honeycomb-dotted blocks in the BP within her own radius. (She did find Chilli Cheezels though, if that’s your thing).

In the Caramilk Addicts Club on Facebook, other sharp eyes had spied blocks of the hokey pokey special at a BP in Narre Warren as well, noting that a block was going for a monster $7.60. I mean, if you’re dedicated to the choc, you’ll happily put your wallet in, put your wallet out, put your wallet in and shake it all about for a taste of this delicious treat.

So if you’re hanging to try the cheeky choccy blocks that have somehow made their way over from NZ early (some fans have predicted the new version wouldn’t land in Aus until 2021) nip down to your local BP and see if they have it on the shelf. And Melbourne, I know this might seem like an essential service but please, only go to your local BP if it’s in your 5km radius.