Cadbury Confirms NZ Release Of New Caramilk Honeycomb Flavour, So Who’s Gonna Ship Us Some?

Cadbury has confirmed the existence of Caramilk Hokey Pokey, a honeycomb-infused iteration of the flavour we all know and adore, following the emergence of leaked pictures online.

The rumour mill began whirling after punters posted snaps of the alleged Cadbury block in Caramilk Facebook fan groups.

The block, promising ‘a golden blend of caramelised white chocolate and golden hokey pokey pieces’, set the internet ablaze. But many users were quick to cast their suspicions, because we all have trust issues and the thought of a Caramilk honeycomb remix almost seemed too good to be true.

Cadbury has since affirmed the legitimacy of the new flavour. “We’re excited to confirm that we are launching Caramilk Hokey Pokey in New Zealand this year,” Cadbury marketing manager Kate Watson said, via “The combination of Cadbury Caramilk and Hokey Pokey brings together two iconic Kiwi flavours in the one delicious Cadbury block.”

But don’t celebrate too soon fellow Aussies – we may have to wait a considerable while longer for a similar flavour. “While Caramilk Hokey Pokey won’t be launching in Australia this year,” Watson continued, “we’d love to hear if it’s a flavour combo Aussie Caramilk fans would like to see us launch in future.”

“In the meantime, we’ll have some good news to share with Cadbury Caramilk fans in Australia very soon.” Ominous and tummy-tingling, indeed.

Here’s to hoping that this Caramilk x honeycomb collab will be released Down Under if we spam Cadbury hard enough. In the meantime, it looks like we’ll have to ring up our NZ mates to snag a couple blocks.