There’s Now A One-Stop Online Shop Where You Can Nab A Bev From Your Beloved Local

While pubs and venues are now allowed to cater to a restricted number of punters, getting a booking isn’t exactly easy. Frankly, this sucks, especially when you’re fangin’ for a delicious negroni made by your favourite bartender.

Well, getting to the bar might be a struggle, but getting your favourite bevvies delivered straight to your door just got a lot easier. Campari Australia has launched Shaken Not Broken, a service that matches you (seeking a very nice cocktail) with bartenders (keen to sell very nice cocktails) and lets you choose to pick them up, have them bottled and delivered – contactless, of course – to your door or make a booking to dine in if that’s an option at the particular venue.

The website itself is incredibly easy to use. Simply jump in and click the Find Cocktails square, slap in your postcode and peruse the list of venues you can order from in your area. That’s all there is to it, mates.

The restrictions imposed earlier this year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic have hit the hospitality industry incredibly hard, leaving it shaken, but certainly not broken.  The Shaken Not Broken initiative was started to support the recovery and revival of your favourite local venues which need customers more than ever.

Not only does the initiative keep work flowing for venues and their staff, but it also keeps their connection to the community strong, helping them stay afloat until we get to the other side of this pandemic trash heap.

So if you’re stingin’ for a delicious cocktail from your favourite watering hole, jump onto Shaken Not Broken and put your order in. You’ll get the bloody great drink you want and lend a much-needed hand to the folks who could really use it right now.

And as always, drink responsibly ya legends.