Make Room In The Pantry ‘Cos Cadbury’s Dropping Three New Marvellous Creations Incl. Caramilk

The choccy gods at Cadbury have absolutely done it again with three new flavours of Marvellous Creations. And marvellous they truly are.

Cadbury will drop Birthday Cake, Rocky Road and Caramilk editions of Marvellous Creations — let me just gently wipe the drool off my keyboard.

Caramilk? With fun little jellies in it? I think YES.

Cadbury’s VP of Marketing Paul Chatfield said that the new Marvellous Creations “are a treat for the young at heart”, as per

“The release of these three new flavours, including the combination of Cadbury iconic Caramilk and Marvellous Creations, is a world first and set to be one of our biggest launches yet,” he said.

We’ve been treated to a number of delicious Caramilk treats over the years, including a superior ice-cream version, the legendary hokey pokey and most recently, Caramilk breakaways.

The blocks’ll be available exclusively in Woolies from the end of August to commemorate the 100th birthday of Cadbury’s first Aussie factory in Tassie. That explains the birthday cake flavour I guess!

Cadbury also released a limited edition mint chip block to celebrate the workers from its Tassie factory.

Honestly, keep this birthday party going. I’m ready for more tasty treats.

Now that I’ve thought about the concept of Caramilk Marvellous Creations, I can’t get it off my mind. As a self confessed white chocolate lover and jelly sweet lover, this is tickling all my fancies.

And I’m very intrigued about the Rocky Road version too. I will in fact be planning an elaborate taste testing session to compare and contrast flavours, textures and of course, overall vibe.

In my opinion, Marvellous Creations are some of the most underrated chocolates on the market. I for one absolutely adore the little popping candies.

A surprise in every bite? Sign me the fuck up.

I’ll be seeing you in the Woolies confectionary aisle.