Cadbury Is Dropping A Special Edition Chocolate Block In The Most Elite Flavour, Mint Chip

In news that really tickles my tastebuds, Cadbury has launched a special edition choccy block. And to make things even better? It’s mint chip flavour.

Mint and chocolate is absolutely one of the most elite flavour combinations. It’s the salt and vinegar of the sweets world. Delicious, a little tangy, a little dangerous. If you don’t have the palette for mint chip I’m sorry, but that’s a you problem.

We’ve had some delicious choccy mint treats as a society over the last few years. There were the Woolies choc mint mudcake and the choc mint Paddle Pop a couple of years back. But our palettes have been longing for a new chocolate mint treat and I reckon this Cadbury block will take the cake, if you pardon the mixed sweet metaphor.

The backstory of the mint chip Cadbury block is also surprisingly wholesome. It’s actually a tribute to Tassie Cadbury workers according to Taste.

The first Cadbury chocolate factory was opened in Claremont, Tasmania in 1922. So a big happy 100th birthday indeed to delicious chocolate.

“Our latest release is a tribute to our Tasmanian Cadbury chocolate-makers: a group of men and women who have played an incredibly important role in our success over the last 100 years,” a spokesperson said. 

“You don’t celebrate a century very often, so we asked them – what special-edition Cadbury block should we make that is worthy of a centenary celebration? Mint Chip – the humble Aussie classic – proved the winner!”

The formal name of the chocolate is the Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Maker’s Mint Chip. How fancy! Please, all my friends just call me “Mint Chip”.

If mint chip Cadbury is singing to every one of your senses, it’ll be available at Coles for a limited time.

I will in fact be buying many, many blocks. Who knows, maybe eating minty chocolate is the ultimate cure for bad morning breath? Don’t knock it till you try it!