The classic chocolate mudcake from Woolies. A failsafe for when you were meant to organise a birthday cake, or you’ve got to bring snacks to the office/class, or you’ve just had a really big week and god dammit you deserve to sit at home and watch trashy tv and eat cake.

When Marie Antoinette apparently famously said “let them eat cake” I’m about 80% sure she was talking about the Woolies mudcake. That rich, moist son of a bitch that I can 100% guarantee is making your saliva glands go fuckin’ bananas right now.

But how do you improve on greatness? How do you take a masterpiece and make it better? Well if you’re Woolworths and you’re looking at your famed chocolate mudcake with one hand on your hip and the other scratching your head, you bloody take that mudcake and add mint. Put some of that fresh minty deliciousness in there, my good bitch.

That’s right you heathens, Woolies have upped the ante with their classic, iconic cult classic, the ganache-laden chocolate mudcake with a MINT CHOCOLATE MUDCAKE.

Did someone at the supermarket’s bakery department brush their teeth straight before having a slice of cake and think “wow, this shit tastes bloody incredible“? Because I want to shake your god damned hand right now.

Forget the war over plastic bags and all that Tiny Shop bullshit Irene from netball, THIS is the real supermarket-based news, right here.

Chocolate and mint, together at last in the cake that’s renowned for just appearing at parties and nobody really knowing how the hell it got there in the first place. Or when your mum’s gotten onto the Woolies food hacks FB group and decided that all cakes she’s going to make from now on are three mudcakes stacked on top of each other, covered in thick icing. Hell YES.

You can cop yourself one of these limited edition (yeah babey here for a good time not a long time!) from Woolies stores until next Tuesday September 11th, for a very cool $4.40, and they’re sticking around until stocks last. Hook me the FUCK up, Woolies. Just hook it to my veins.

Screw getting shredded for summer, just smash a whole mudcake this weekend.

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Image: Jersey Films