Woolies Mudcake Lovers, Your Road Is About To Be Rocked With This New Cake Coming Very Soon

rocky road mudcake woolworths

My friends, my chocolate-obsessed demons, the road ahead is rocky. No literally, Woolies is bringing out a rocky road version of their classic choccy mudcake and I am frothing at the mouth. Gimme gimme!

Yes my friends it’s true, Woolworths is introducing a Rocky Road Mudcake for a limited amount of time. It’ll sit amongst the legendary cakes of our time: the Woolies Chocolate Mudcake and the Caramel Mudcake.

No love for the Vanilla Mudcake in this household, it tastes like the inside of a pantry smells. Or like vanilla-scented Glen 20. Depends on what time of the day you buy it.

The Rocky Road Mudcake will be available to us cake nibbling goblins as of June 1, so get your favourite big fork or spoon ready (I know you have one).

If you wanna watch the cake get seductively cut into a delectable looking piece, you can do so below.


Welcome to the family, Rocky Road Mud Cake. Limited time only. #mudcake #rockyroad #woolies #woolworths #wooliesbuys

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According to Woolies, the new member of the cake squad will have a “raspberry flavoured chocolate” taste to it, some chocolate ganache smothered all over the top and a couple of marshmallows and shredded coconut bits for good measure.

None of those yucky candied cherries that mum would chuck in because she loves ’em. Sadly, none of the nuts that added a bit of crunch to the rocky road have been thrown into this cake recipe either.

I must say I’ve never had a rocky road filled with raspberry but maybe it’s been included to make the cake taste nicer. I mean, if it was a cherry chocolate cake it’d just be a black forest gateau, right?

God, now I’m starving for a bite of this bad boy. I just know the magic cake makers at Woolies have put their whole being into this creation. After all, these are the same people who make the Chocolate Mudcake, it can’t be too far off, right?

You can cop this lovely creation for just $5.50 at your local supermarket as soon as June 1 rolls around.

Catch me sleeping outside my local Woolies until the big day so I can grab as many as I can to hoard over the winter. I am but a squirrel, choccy cake is my nuts.