This TikTok Showing How Woolies Mudcakes Are Made Is Like Staring At The Face Of God

Supermarket mudcakes hold a special place in the Australian imagination. Without ever quite reaching the home-made charm of a Woman’s Weekly birthday cake, or the suburban decadence of a Cheesecake Shop banger, the classic mudcake speaks to subdued celebration, all of the quiet moments where we tell ourselves “Fuck it, don’t mind if I do.” Break rooms, church lunches, and Year 3 parties would all be poorer were it not for the mass-produced mudcake.

Mass-produced? Oh, definitely. While bakeries in Woolies and Coles stores across the nation may speak to fresh-out-of-the-oven goodness, the truth is that many of Australia’s most versatile mudcakes roll off an enormous production line.

TikTok user @FoodFactoryAus has unveiled the truth of the matter, showcasing a factory mechanism which dips mudcakes in icing. It’s beautiful, if a little illicit: despite the footage showing nothing more than unfeeling arms spinning and dunking mudcakes, it feels like something mere human eyes aren’t meant to see.

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But many people have seen it. At time of writing, some 72,000 users have smashed like on the video. The clip has also copped a huge number of comments, with punters expressing their fear and wonder.

via TikTok

I would say this account should show us the white icing drizzle at the end, but I’m just not sure Australia is ready for that.