Woolworths Has Unleashed A Deliciously Dense Mint Cookies & Cream Muddy Boy For A Limited Time

woolworths mint mudcake limited edition

Prepare thine gullets and guts because a new twist on the humble mudcake is landing at Woolies. The supermarket’s bakers have been cooking up a storm and have created a very limited edition version of our beloved muddy boy which sounds intriguingly delicious: mint cookies and cream.

TikToker @themacrofoodblogger spied the dense bugger at her local Woolies on Wednesday and shared it with the masses. The new mudcake flavour looks like it’d ruin your day in the best way possible — by simply being too yummy to not inhale in one sitting.


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The mint cookies and cream mudcake features a cookies and mint white chocolate cake slathered in mint white chocolate ganache, dark cookie pieces and a mint-choc drizzle on top.

Christ alive that sounds like it would simultaneously end me and send me into a sweetie overload.

Woolies’ limited edition muddy lads will set you back $6.30 for a cake which is a dangerous thing to know. Am I going to cop one of these and eat it over the course of a day under the aircon next time it’s too hot to go outside? You bet your anoos I am.

woolies mint cookies cream mudcake limited edition
Look at that bad boy. [Image: TikTok / @themacrofoodblogger]
“Customers need to be quick to try our latest minty fresh mud cake flavour hitting the shelves this week for a limited time only,” a Woolies spokesperson said.

Not wrong there, pal. Although mint choc is a deeply divisive flavour, I can only imagine these mudcakes are going to be walking out the bloody door. Sure, some might think it tastes like toothpaste or mouthwash but to me, this sounds like an expertly-frosted dream.

Better move quickly if you wanna grab one for Nan’s birthday or the super-belated Chrissy party with the group chat because this mint cookies and cream mudcake is around for a good time and not a long time.