If you didn’t already know, The average wedding in Australia is bloody expensive. Couples are spending around $500 on the cake alone. That is madness! People are just going to drunkenly dig in anyway.

Victorian woman and certified baking hack genius, Silvina Werner, realised this and made her friend a truly spectacular wedding cake out of 11 of those classic choccie mud cakes from Woolies at a teensy $4 each. Yup, 11 cakes, three layers and a tiny $57 total price tag.

Silvina took to Facebook group Woolies/Coles Mudcake Hacks (incidentally, what an AMAZING group and plz let me join) to show off her creation – as she bloody should. Look at the pretty thing:

Facebook / Woolies/Coles Mudcake Hacks

“Wedding cake I made for a friend,” she captioned the post, “11 choc mud cakes from Woolies in total. Bottom tier consists of 4 cakes each made out of 2 mud cakes, second tier is 2 mud cakes and for the third tier I cut a mud cake into 2 smaller ones. Betty Crocker buttercream in between layers and covering. Fresh flowers supplied by the bride. Proud of my efforts.”

We’re proud of you too mate.

Facebook / Woolies/Coles Mudcake Hacks

“To make the bottom tier of the cake I used 8 mud cakes in total. I lined a larger tin with glad wrap and squeezed 2 mud cakes together to make one big one. It’s not as high as a normal cake but worked well as its the perfect height for one layer. Once they were in the tin spread out I just wrapped them and froze till needed. The middle tier is just 2 normal sized mud cakes with icing cut off and the top tier I cut one cake into 2 smaller ones.”

Personally – and I know this makes me a weirdo – I hate the chocolate muddies – but I would 10000% do this with alternating caramel and vanilla layers. Like, not even for a wedding. Just because, why not.

Image: Marie Antoinette