Chocolate and orange: A flavour combination more divisive than the great potato cake/scallop debate. It is the coriander of confectionary: It’s either voraciously beloved, or violently hated. There is simply no in between. And today, Woolies has dropped the mother of all pot stirrers by announcing a very limited addition choc orange addition to their untouchable mudcake range. Prepare your reactions accordingly.

From today, the choc orange variant of the staple of every suburban birthday party/first year Uni drunk snack/Dad’s-cooking-dinner-tonight-and-here’s-the-dessert will be available on shelves nation wide for a limited time only.

With a “rich chocolate ganache” accompaniment, the choc orange mudcake is the latest in a line of cake experiments from the Woolworths bakery, following on from the previous mint chocolate version which had trouble staying on the shelf.

Late last week Woolworths teased the release of the cake by unleashing this truly unholy triple level stack “hack” which appears to be covered in Jaffas and will surely send anyone willing to try it to an early grave.

The only other thing you need to know is that it’ll cost you a measly $4 flat, meaning if this kind of thing is your bag, you won’t even have to part with a note in order to get one. Not a bad deal at all to be honest.

‘Course with a price tag that low, it’s easily available for choc orange haters to accumulate many and smash them on the ground in a grand act of flavour defiance as well.

Either way, everyone wins.

Image: Supplied