Cast your mind back to the sweet, simple times when the humble Paddle Pop was under a buck at the canteen and everyone feverishly collected the Lick-A-Prize in earnest hopes to try and score themselves a trip to Movie World.

We were happy and content munching away at our chocolate ice creams, blissfully unaware that rainbow was actually just caramel-flavoured (banana paddle pops can get in the bin, thanks), until 1996 when the inclusion of a new flavour knocked our faces clean off our heads – Choc-Mint Paw Print.

Not only was the melding of chocolate (!) and mint (!!!) an affront on our precious, untainted tastebuds yet to be dulled by the multitudes of hot sauce and cigarettes we’ll discover in later years, the damn ice cream kings had somehow used sheer magic and sorcery to put PAWPRINTS IN THE ICY TREATS. HOW. It boggled our tiny minds and truly we’ve never been the same since.

Literally me every lunch time.

It wasn’t long until what was given to us was quickly taken away, and the Choc Mint Paw Print ice cream never melted in our grubby little hands again.

Well my mates it’s 2018 and ’tis the year of the shit-from-the-90s-coming-back-again so Paddle Pop is bringing back the coveted Choc Mint Paw Print for a VERY limited time, going for $1.60 a pop – yeah, look I could sook about this but I fear I’d turn into one of those whingey old people who start every second sentence with “well back in MY day…”.

And until 5pm TODAY you can try your hand at scoring your very own Paddle Pop Lion feet by telling Streets what other flavours you wanna see come back. In case you wanted them feets, you know? Just the feet, sweetie.

Let me take this moment to say that excuse me they should 100% bring back the Chocolate Mud Puddle ones, those sick ones that looked like a slice of watermelon, and also PUT THE BLUE COLOUR BACK IN RAINBOW THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Anyway, duck down to your local milko from today and sit in the gutter and deliciously transport yourself back to the late-90s, because everything else at the moment sucks so why not.

Image: Supplied