Cadbury’s Dropping A Hot New Winter Range Including Popcorn & Hedgehog Flavs

Much like those kids at school who always had the Good Treats in their lunchboxes, like the rainbow Rollups or a homemade slice, Cadbury is turning into the over-zealous parents and is releasing a bunch of limited edition choccies for the winter months, including a god-damned HEDGEHOG flav. If you know, then you know.

[jwplayer Zs0YsRyH]

The choccy gods are introducing three (3) new limited-run friends to the range over the peak movie night season, and two reboots of classics.

There’s the return of the mint creme (!!) and the hazelnut creme (!!!) to the shelves from May, with both of them being revamped to include little chunks of crunchy mint and hazelnut, respectively. Give it to me. Choc and mint, back together at last. Tell Snack to rack off because who even likes that joke of a chocolate block anyway?


Anyway, let’s chat about the new choccies. Which I need to eat right now. Maybe I’m just craving sugar right now but whatever, give me the chocolates.

Cadbury is still dead keen on making Fruit & Nut a thing for people to enjoy other than my Dad, and so it’s bringing together coconut rough (good) and fruit & nut (undecided) into one block of the very-cleverly named, Coconut Rough Fruit & Nut. You can pick up a block from independents like IGA – funnily enough also where my Dad tends to shop. It really is a Dad Choc, isn’t it?

The jury that is my palate is still very much out on this but I am also a psycho who enjoys Christmas cake so I’ll probably like it, let’s be real.

Next up is the new Popcorn flavour you can find at Coles, which is perfect for people like me who love to buy a tub of popcorn at the flicks and then dump a whole packet of Maltesers and/or M&Ms in there. Don’t even question me, just do it and thank me later.

And finally, the piéce de resistance. Hedgehog. Hoo mama I’m excited to get flung back to primary school with the power of a human trebuchet here.

Harking back to lunchboxes of years past (do they even still allow hedgehog slice in school lunches now?) it’s all about that perfect blend of chocolate, coconut, bickie bits and nuts – in this case, it’s almonds. The good nut. Pick up a block from Woolies and prepare to get smacked in the face with 1999 recess vibes.


Consider the snacks for your next movie night absolutely sorted, mates. This is a strict no-carob zone.