Oh Shit, Caramilk Marble Chocolate Is Actually Very Real & Not Some Cruel April Fool’s Joke

caramilk marble cadbury limited edition

In what’s probably got to be the worst timing for a brand to make an announcement of biblical proportions, cult-faves Caramilk and Marble chocolate are coming together to create the unholiest of combinations – Caramilk Marble blocks. Sweet mother of God I am so glad this isn’t an April Fool’s prank, I don’t think my heart could have taken that.

I won’t lie to you, when I found this in my inbox this morning, I was extremely sceptical. April 1 is an absolute minefield in the email inbox of a journalist, and Caramilk marble choccy just seemed way too good to be true. But Cadbury gladly confirmed to me that, yes, this is very real and yes, Caramilk Marble blocks are hitting shelves really bloody soon.

Caramilk and Marble, together at last. Didn’t think I’d ever see this happen but hey the last 12 months have been pure chaos anyway so why am I even surprised?

We all better hope we don’t get given a metric fucktonne of chocolate over Easter this year, because blocks of the Caramilk-swirled Marble choc will start hitting the shops from April 12. Sorry move over Creme Egg, I have a hot date with the collab of the year, here.

Much like Hannah Montana, this new marrying together of two iconic faves is truly the best of both worlds. In one $5 block we get the best of both choccies – the classic milk chocolate with that sweet and yum caramelised white choccy swirled through to create the marbling, and then pumped full of that frankly illegal hazelnut praline inside. Jesus wept.

If the chaos of the return of both Caramilk and Marble choc blocks are anything to go by, I’m gonna hazard a guess these sweet treats are going to walk themselves out of the choccy aisle all on their own. I truly cannot wait to see an array of mums on Facebook feverishly trying to track down stocks.

So, choccy lovers and fans of Caramilk and Marble alike, mark your calendars, set a reminder or 40 alarms or whatever you need to do. Caramilk Marble blocks are happening, it’s definitely not just a cruel April Fool’s prank.