Cadbury Has Unleashed A Limited Edition Choccy Block That’s Like A Grown-Up Caramello Koala

cadbury block caramel slice limited edition

Prepare your guts and clear your dessert plans for tonight because a new contender for your fave treat has entered the choccy aisle. Cadbury has collaborated with celeb chef Curtis Stone to make a special edition, Aussie-inspired block that’s made me as gooey as the treat itself.

Mates, it’s a caramel slice flavour. Hooly dooly.

The decadent choccy block features a “vanilla creme” layer (whatever that means) dotted with biscuit pieces, drizzled in oozing caramel and entombed in classic Dairy Milk chocolate. Good lord it’s yummo.

I just ate a line of squares and I think I may have seen the face of God. The choccy is perfect and features all the right textures — cronch, soft and goo. Everything you need for a well-rounded sweetie experience.

cadbury caramel slice
Ok maybe it’s not a good mid-monch photo but LOOK AT IT. [Image: Courtney Fry]
Foodie TikToker @deficitincalories posted up his own review of the new Cadbury block this week before the official drop. He said if you love Caramello Koalas you’ll love the new choccy block.

The caramel slice blocks are a limited-time thing so if you wanna shove some of Curtis Stones’ collab into your gob you gotta hit the shops ASAP. Blocks of these bad boys are going for $5.00 at Coles supermarkets and apparently they’re on sale for $3 at the moment.

Bung the kettle on, the time is right for an afternoon treat.