Just when we thought the Caramilk vibe had hit its peak, the delicious chocolate has jumped into another part of the supermarket entirely – the freezer aisle. Caramilk ice cream sticks have officially started rolling out in shops across the country, in perfect time for late-night snacking while watching the Tokyo Games.

The ice creams come with a smooth ice cream centre, dipped and coated in a blend of caramelised white chocolate, transforming the cult-fave choccy block into a fully-fledged frozen treat.

Just close your eyes and imagine grabbing one of these at the end of a hot day, with the frozen smooch of Caramilk caressing your overheating lips. It’s borderline horny, and I’m extremely here for it.

The ice creams were initially teased by noted Caramilk Expert Christian Hull – who has been valiantly campaigning for the ongoing Caramilk supremacy – when photos of the sticks leaked about a month ago.

Since then, people in the Caramilk Addicts Facebook group started to see more evidence of the incoming drop. Supermarkets were prepping up online shopping pages, newsagents were putting out placards, and people in the Peter’s ice cream production warehouse were having an early taste test.

Now the delicious day is here, the Caramilk ice cream sticks are currently landing in supermarkets, and you can grab them in four packs for $8.50, or a single stick for $4 a pop.

It’s been a bloody big month for Caramilk stans, with a crumbly Caramilk Flake dropping in mid-July to the delight of tastebuds across the country.

I’ve just realised, you can totally get an ice cream stick, bite a hole in the top, and shove in a Caramilk flake if you want. Now that’s some real Caramilk-obsessed energy, and I have no option but to completely respect it.

These new treats also join the OG blocks, Twirl bars and bites, Philadelphia cheese, baking chips, Marble, and Hokey Pokey Caramilk blocks. What’s next? Caramilk milk?

Image: Getty Images / Manuel Breva Colmeiro / Supplied