Some Absolute Madman’s Ranked The Best Cadbury Blocks So Let’s All Fight About It


If you were looking for something to fight about this afternoon, list-making king Bruno Bouchet‘s got you covered, after publishing his ranking of Cadbury chocolate blocks, from the best all the way down to the absolute dregs.

There are some controversial choices right from the get-go. The God Tier includes Marvellous Creations Jelly Popping Candy, which is fine for the unsophisticated palette, but c’mon, any reasonable person knows it’s the poor cousin of the far superior Black Forest.

Also up there in the God Tier is Fruit & Nut, an inclusion so baffling that I honestly can’t wrap my head around it. No disrespect to the fine people at Cadbury, but Fruit & Nut tastes like sadness in a block, and my day’s ruined just thinking about it.

A few other stray observations:

  • Caramello is best consumed in koala form, obviously, but it still deserves at least Royalty Tier status
  • Snack is clearly a God Tier and if you don’t like the Turkish Delight parts then just eat around them, you monster
  • Boost does not belong in a chocolate block
  • Caramilk is disgusting so this one’s actually spot on

Anyway, that’s that, so please go ahead and spend the rest of the work day arguing with your colleagues about the best Cadbury block.