There’s Another New Caramilk Product Coming ’Cos This Chocolate-Coated Fever Dream Never Ends

caramilk breakaway new chocolate block cadbury

The Caramilk train is showing no signs of slowing down. This week the cult-fave flav has found its way into another beloved choccy block: Breakaway. Yep, Caramilk Breakaway now exists and I fear we’re inching towards a full overload soon.

Since the feverishly-backed caramelised white choccy came back to us in late 2019 (which feels like a decade ago), it’s gone from a humble chocolate block to infiltrating Sara Lee mousse cakes, ice cream sticks, hot cross buns, Philly cream cheese, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and even the sacred McFlurry.

Late last week a new inclusion to the extended Caramilk universe was teased. Cadbury promised all would be revealed by the end of the weekend and it sure delivered: two cult-favourite blocks — Caramilk and Breakaway — are coming together at last.

Huge news for all the Caramilk stans in the group chat or that one (1) person you know who still drools over everything Caramilk-related (you know who you are). They’re absolutely sorted for the rest of the year at this rate. Easter, birthdays, winter solstice, movie nights, general snacking — there’s a Caramilk treatie for every occasion.

The new choc blocks blend together the sweet, caramelised white chocolate with the airy crunch of Breakaway’s wafer layers. Sounds like a right treat for the Caramilk faithful.

Blocks of the latest offering from the Caramilk Gods will hit selected supermarkets in April and will set you back $5 each. Keep your eyes peeled when you’re doing your grocery shop because you might just spy these new Caramilk Breakaway blocks and one might just fall into your basket all on its own.

It’s pretty safe to say we’re fast reaching breaking point for just how much Caramilk humanity can stand. But, like Icarus yeeting himself too close to the sun, Cadbury will be damned if it’s not going to kiss that big ball of caramel-coloured chocolate in the sky.