Cadbury Has Already Sold Out Of Its 50-Block Caramilk Packs & You Bastards Better Share 


Earlier this week, Cadbury announced the return of the beloved Caramilk chocolate bar. The people rejoiced. I managed to get my hands on a block. All was well. But it turns out Cadbury had also run an exclusive offer online. What was it? The Cadbury Caramilk Lover’s Pack. That’s 50 blocks of Caramilk to (maybe) share with your mates and family.

Nineteen hours ago, Cadbury announced the Lover’s Pack sold out. I’m so upset.

At the moment, it appears Cadbury won’t be selling more of the boxes. “You can still purchase Caramilk from all major supermakets,” the brand said on Instagram. But here’s bloody hoping they bring the pack back due to popular demand.

The Lover’s Pack itself would have set you back $250, which – if purchased – would have 3000 per cent proved your love for the golden blend of caramelised white choccy. My mouth just watered.

The chocolate bar initially appeared for a limited run in early 2018, and was immediately crowned the tastiest of them all. No discussions. Cadbury brought it back to supermarket shelves last October for another limited run.

Meanwhile in New Zealand, Cadbury confirmed the release of a new honeycomb-infused version of the Caramilk. The brand’s marketing manager Kate Watson confirmed to that the chocolate does in fact exist. However, it’s a Kiwi exclusive. “While Caramilk Hokey Pokey won’t be launching in Australia this year, we’d love to hear if it’s a flavour combo Aussie Caramilk fans would like to see us launch in future.”

It is.