Don’t freak out but the beloved Violet Crumble choccie has officially copped a white choc-caramel version and I am quite literally drooling right now.

If this job has taught me anything, it’s that any food will be made infinitely better with a white chocolate and caramel flavour. Don’t believe me? Well, just look at Cadbury Caramilk and KitKat Gold. And don’t even get me started on every viral spin-off we’ve drooled over this year (I’m looking at you Caramilk choc top).

Robern Menz, the founders of the Violet Crumble (and the cursed South Australian delicacy known as the FruChoc), surveyed their customers and found that 28% of shoppers loved the sounds of a caramelised white chocolate version of the iconic snack. I mean, the people aren’t wrong. It sounds bloody delicious.

“It’s been a challenging year for all Australians, to say the least, and we know that our sweet flavour combinations offer some satisfying relief and escapism, bringing some fun back into the day and shattering cravings,” Robern Menz CEO Phil Sims said in a statement.

“‘When we first trialled the new flavour combo we instantly knew we were on to something. You bite into that smooth caramel flavour, followed by the shattering sharpness of the honeycomb and it smells incredible.”

Phil, my dude, you could not be more correct. It’s been a tough year and I’m fairly certain the only thing that will cure my sadness at this point is a pool filled with caramelised white chocolate.

The delicious treat will usually set you back $4.40 per 170g bag, but they’re currently on sale for just $3 at Woolworths. Honestly, it’d be rude not to try a pack.

I’m just going to come right out and say it: everything deserves a caramelised white chocolate flavour. Confectionery companies, you know what to do.