Another day, another dangerously decadent Caramilk abomination birthed into existence. Yes, you read that right. Krispy Kreme and Cadbury are joining forces in the most ambitious crossover in cult-dessert history: Caramilk doughnuts.

Oh, Caramilk. The choccy that’s taken the world by storm, with nary a folk immune to its beguiling ways. I have to say, when I first heard of caramelised white chocolate, I had no idea the world would become this obsessed with it. How I underestimated its power.

Starting from today, Krispy Kreme is launching two new limited edition doughnuts to satisfy your white choccy needs. Because Hokey Pokey flavoured Caramilk, Marble Caramilk, ice cream sticks, Philadelphia cheese (???) and all the other fusions of this naughty little treat are clearly not enough for you heathens.

The first doughnut in the collab is the Caramilk Shell, which is filled with Krispy Kreme’s signature crème, dipped in Caramilk chocolate, and covered in the cult-fave’s flakes too for extra choccy goodness. My cholesterol levels are rising just thinking about this, tbh.

The second doughnut is Krispy Kreme’s iconic Original Glazed doughnut, also dipped in Caramilk chocolate, sprinkled in the same chocolate’s flakes, and finished with a white truffle drizzle. Does anyone else immediately feel ridiculously lavish when they read the word ‘truffle’? No? Just me? Okay.

I was going to pretend that these new treats are less tummy-ache inducing than all the other collabs of this choccy, but really both of these are going to set off my lactose intolerance. Ah, the thrill of it all.

The new doughnuts are available at 7-Eleven, which is incredibly convenient considering there is definitely one of those in walking distance of my apartment.

They’re limited edition though, and judging by the way every other Caramilk monstrosity has immediately evaporated into thin air the moment its become available, I suggest you get in quick.