NOOO: Allen’s Quietly Got Rid Of Three Of Your Fave Lollies & Hoped You Wouldn’t Notice

Many changes are upon us: Spain’s women’s soccer team has a new coach, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are headed for divorce, and now, Allen’s has scrapped a bunch of our fave lollies.

Yup, the confectionary company is halting production of individual bags of Red Ripperz, Milkos and Sherbies and, understandably, punters are livid over the new changes.

“WHY are you taking away all the good stuff???!!!” one penned on social media.

“How about getting rid of your horrible jelly beans and other crap that doesn’t sell? What on earth is wrong with you people? I’m just mind blown to say the least.”

Another wondered if Allen’s had “lost [their] fricken mind”, and what can I say? Aussies are passionate AF about their snacks. We like what we like.

Turns out, the halt on producing the sugary goodness isn’t permanent and FFS, why didn’t they just say that in the first place?!

“We can confirm that individual bags of Allen’s Sherbies, Red Ripperz Sticks, and Milkos have not been discontinued but are temporarily paused as we finalise our new production facility at our Allen’s factory in Broadford, Victoria,” a spokesperson told

“We’re working hard to bring these back to shelves in their own bags as soon as possible.”

They also dished on some “good news” to tide us sugar fiends over, spilling that those despo for the halted products can still find them in bags of Allen’s Chew Mix.

So, for the time being, you’ll have to forage through the shit ones to get your sugar fix.

“We’ll be sure to keep fans updated on our Allen’s Facebook page about when individual bags are set to make a return.”

The latest hiccup in Allen’s product line comes after it knocked the nation on its ass with news it was discontinuing Fantales after nearly a century.

I don’t know who I need to talk to, but get the Snakes Alive into Witness Protection, stat.