A Loss Prevention Officer Has Revealed The ‘Most Stolen Item’ At Supermarkets & WTF How?

With cozzie livs royally fucking us over with literally everything, shoplifting has seemingly increased across grocery shops. Surprised? No, not really. But I am surprised — and impressed — with what has been named as the most stealable thing, as revealed by a loss prevention officer.

Speaking to KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O show, a woman who claimed to work for a major supermarket chain as a loss prevention officer revealed the most stolen item for the month of July.

Before revealing the item that’s popular amongst shoplifters, radio host Kyle Sandilands predicted that the item would be razor blades. However, Jackie Henderson believed that the sought-after item would be tampons — which I would think so too.

Well, the caller revealed that the most stolen item (drum roll, please) was those damn bachelor bags, AKA barbecue chickens.

“That’s what getting stolen? A hot chicken?” Jackie exclaimed.

“Maybe they’re struggling, IDK. But with the prices these days, everything is going up,” the woman said.

The loss prevention officer then shared how shoplifters were concealing the goods.

“To of the ones I stopped, down their pants,” the caller shared.

Jackie O, who was still stunned by the revelation, yelled out: “Holy shit! A whole chicken?”

Honestly, I’m quite stunned too. I can imagine how uncomfortable those chickens would be against your badussy or gonads. They’re steaming hot, and they look super heavy. Like, they’re quite ‘yuge. It also makes me wonder how do they secure the chicken when they’re walking around the shop. Wouldn’t it just fall through the leg hole?

I honestly have so many questions.

However, I could definitely see why people would be stealing this product. The chicken bags are perfect for literally any meal. You can have it on its own or shred it for pasta or sandwiches. Heck, you can even use the bones to make a chicken broth. And you could probably reuse the bag it comes in.

With the current financial climate that Australia is in, I am not surprised that people are shoplifting in order to survive.

It’s just really heartbreaking that we’ve gotten to this point whilst big companies like Coles and Qantas put out their massive annual profit reports that are in the billions.

In February of this year, a TikToker went viral after they discovered that Woolies was selling cereal for 10 fucking bucks.