It Genuinely Doesn’t Get Sadder Than This $63 Kids Meal An Aussie Mum Posted About On FB

A mum has gone nuclear on a Darwin play centre after she claimed to have been charged no less than $63.40 for a meal. Huge if true. Let’s investigate this potential cost of living crisis point.

On Thursday, the mum posted a photo on Facebook of the food receipt, next to an image of the delicacies that were brought to her table.

“Is this normal? $63 for this, was not impressed,” she said on Facebook, because where else do mums vent?

Per 9Honey, she continued to declare that she’ll “probably just be cooking from home from now on and taking it with us, it’s getting insanely expensive.”

PEDESTRIAN.TV has chosen not to publish the name of the small business.

The feed included a chicken parm for $21.90, a bowl of chips for $8, gravy for $2, 12 nuggets for $16.90, a 600ml Coke for $4.90, a bottle of water, and then one other thing that mysteriously just said “large”.

Go figure???

And yes, I’m going to write “parm” throughout this article to avoid any unnecessary beef between “parmi versus parma” spelling nerds.

So let’s take a look at this meal (it’s worth noting that not everything on the receipt is pictured).

The first issue I see is that the parm isn’t accompanied by any salads or chippies to begin with.

It’s just a lonely parm on a plate, wishing it had a few friends to hang out with!

For $21.90, apparently?

Source: Facebook.

I genuinely think that’s the main crux of the issue.

So much of the heartache could’ve been avoided if the parm already came with sides and they didn’t need to be bought separately.

Anyway, that’s my pitch for world peace. Hope you liked it.

One other lady in the comments thread summed it up nicely.

“I love supporting small businesses but holy moley, there is a line between wanting to and not being able to.”


It’s back to the Aldi frozen food section we go, I suppose.

Both the Daily Mail and Yahoo News have approached the local business for comment.