Look, the idea of finding something absurd in your home brand product from either of the players in the supermarket duopoly is pretty standard. Wire in ya chicken nugget? Cool. A redback spider in your $5 salad mix? Also cool. This one is a bit much though.

A Gold Coast mum found a three-centimetre stainless steel bolt in her Woolworths party pie. That’s quite large, hey. I mean, look at it:

Woolies Offers QLD Mum $50 Compo After She Finds Fkn Bolt In Her Party Pie

Our take? That’s bloody value. Skip your trip to Bunnings and get your hardware needs inside your Woolies frozen meal. Who could complain?

She did, obviously. They gave her a refund and offered her $50 in compensation. They reckon it was an isolated incident, so you can keep those party pies in the freezer.

Who knows? You might win the lottery too and score yourself some quality hardware supplies with your mystery meat.

Source: Channel 7.

Photo: Channel 7.