A $22 Eggs Benny Has Been Located At A Melbourne Cafe & It’s Truly The Stuff Of Broken Dreams

A Melburnian has been charged the outrageous sum of $22 for a measly eggs benedict at a cafe we should all be furious. The economy has simply gone TOO far this time. Someone must put a stop to it!

In the r/shrinkflation subreddit, user @La_Urch uploaded this tear-inducing image of the saddest eggs benny you ever did see.

For a quick catchup, shrinkflation occurs when foods and other supermarket products shrink in size while remaining at the same price. This is normally caused by inflation.

The dish features the whole kit and caboodle when it comes to cafe faux pas in the year 2023.

A singular piece of toast that barely looks toasted? Check.

A hundred different scratches on the plate that make it look the wrong type of ~rustic~? Check.

No greenery to add some colour to a dish whose main colour scheme could best be described as “tones you’d paint your house with”? Check.

$22 for your troubles. Thanks!

The original uploader of the photo then added the following clarifying statement: “I live in Melbourne, this is at a cafe not in an airport,” he said.

“That is the whole meal. You could probably see the waiter’s reflection in the cutlery haha.”


Folks in the comments also unsurprisingly sounded off about the debacle.

“That’s the saddest, most unappetizing eggs benedict I have ever seen,” the top comment read.

“Looks like bologna under the eggs,” wrote another keen-eyed user.

“I work in a hospital, and this looks like something I can get down in our cafe behind the glass counter on display lol,” a third person wrote.

If you find yourself with a few spare moments in your day, I highly recommend having a trawl through the rest of the r/shrinkflation subreddit.

It’s truly a lowlights reel of the worst examples of shrinkflation existing in the world today.

With each new photo, a little part of me dies.

Maybe I’m shrinkflating too?

Header image via @La_Urch on Reddit