Allen’s Has Unleashed Mini Chocolate Bananas In Aus So Alert That One Pal Who Froths A Narnie

Hot on the tails of the delicious and extremely moreish Mini Chocolate Raspberries, Allen’s has released a range of little bananas coated in choccy. You might wanna hit up your one (1) mate who bloody fangs for a lolly narnie, because this is gonna make their day.

The wee banans have landed in your local sweeties aisle at Coles, convenience stores and independent grocers, so you can go and grab a pack right now – screw it, grab some with lunch and just go to town.

To celebrate the release of the tiny narnas, which are definitely a divisive treat much like the old Milk Bottles and Black Cats, Allen’s took over the most iconic banana in Australia to cover it in chocolate. Yep, our beloved Big Banana in Coffs Harbour has been sludged in a chocolate syrup, and I truly don’t know how to feel about it.

The absolute scenes on this, my God.

allen's chocolate bananas

The mini choc narnas are totally gluten-free as well, so those mates who have to be a bit fussy can definitely get in on the tiny treats. How good.

Cop yourself a packet of Allen’s new ickle chocolate bananas from today for a tight $4.50, so that’s your arvo snack game absolutely sorted.