Ranking A Bunch Of Wild And Wacky Food Combos From Unsettling To Absolutely Genius

Everyone has that one meal combo you thought was totally normal until… you ate it in front of somebody else. 

Suddenly the beloved childhood combo that was your source of joy and comfort in this cruel, cruel world is “weird” and “how on earth can you stomach that?!”

But, in other cases, a winner food combo straight-up slaps. Ben & Jerry’s Sundaes is one of them. The fairtrade pints of joy are a mash-up of your fave flavours, loaded with delicious chunks and swirls.

Choose from the Hazel-nuttin’ but Chocolate sundae which mixes hazelnut ice cream with brownie pieces and chocolate chunks (a truly elite dessert combo) and the Berry Revolutionary ice cream. A vegan raspberry and cookie delight combined with caramel swirls and chocolate chunks.

See? These food combos WORK. 

But out of curiosity, I asked my colleagues for the other weird and wacky combos they chow down on and ranked them from “hell no” to “okay, this actually slaps”.

Ham and Jam Sandwiches 

We’re starting off with a bang. My colleague’s Nonno eats a ham and jam sandwich for breakfast every day. Ham and jam. 

I guess it’s giving cranberry sauce and pork but the breakfast version? 

As another colleague remarked, “Woah black betty, ham’n’jam.” 

A secondary cursed combo was brought up when someone mentioned their colleague eats vegemite and nutella sandwiches. Okay, now that’s vom-worthy. 

Dairy Desserts 

Gotcha with that subheading didn’t I? Sure, most desserts contain dairy but would you ever put sour cream, brown sugar and strawberries in a bowl and call it a day? 

And don’t come at me saying that cheesecake uses sour cream. That stuff is in a cake, all mixed together the way God intended. Not slopped in a bowl from the fridge. Disgusting, and I’m reconsidering my friendship with this colleague. 

Rice Combos 

Rice is one of the most versatile dishes on the planet (literally). But it turns out my colleagues have really disrespected its versatility. One person said cheese and rice is a God-tier food combo. TBH, I see this because you eat cheese and rice with Mexican food but another fan favourite was tomato sauce on rice. I feel my lunch rising up just thinking about the vinegar-y, cold sauce over hot rice. 

Cursed, cursed, cursed. 

Mustard and Watermelon 

This food combo went semi-viral a few years back and although I’m yet to try it, the internet doesn’t lie (sometimes). I assume the tartness of the mustard cuts through the sweetness of the watermelon? Like the ham and jam situation mentioned earlier. I’ll be putting it on my food combo bucket list (just under Ben & Jerry’s) for summer. 

Maltesers and Popcorn 

Finally, we’re at the elite end of the food combo rankings. Maltesers and popcorn go together like two best friends. The saltiness, the sweetness, the eating it in the dark as you watch a movie. ELITE. No more notes. 

Mango and Chilli Powder 

While salt and sweet mix with ease, spicy and sweet also goes so hard. Get some mango and chilli powder on your fork and ascend to the foodie heavens above. Like ice cream, It’s the perfect summery snack. 

So, there you have it. Sometimes food combos make your tastebuds want to shrivel up and die (cough, sour cream and sugar, cough) and other times, it’s a God-tier experience and you’ll want to shout about it from the rooftops (cough, Hazel-nuttin’ but Chocolate sundae, cough).

Image: Succession