Pause Your Saturday Bevving ’Cos Some Flavours Of A Popular Seltzer Brand Have Been Recalled

Moon Dog Fizzer seltzers spliced with Kath from Kath & Kim

A bunch of Moon Dog Fizzer seltzers have been recalled for having too much alcohol in them: consider this your warning before a sunny spring Saturday on the seltzies.

The recall — which was shared by Food Standards Australia and New Zealand on Friday — is specifically for the six per cent alcohol Summer Berry and Grape flavoured beveraginos. Two absolutely delectable choices of flavour, I must say.

The drinks are sold as part of two mixed packs. That includes a mixed 10-pack and a mixed 3 x 10 pack.

The expiry dates are August 1, August 2 and August 30. Y’know, just in case you bought some seltzers to keep as a back up emergency stock.

Image: Food Standards Australia & New Zealand

Basically, the issue is “secondary fermentation” which means they have excess alcohol and carbonation. According to Food Standards this can cause “illness/injury” if consumed.

Food Standards are recommending people don’t drink the seltzers and dispose of them safely. Luckily you’ll be able to cop a reimbursement from Moon Dog via their website or by phoning 03 9428 2307.

A spokesperson for Moon Dog told 7News no issues regarding the bevvies had been reported to it.

If you have already consumed a Summer Berry or Grape six per cent Fizzer with these best before dates there is no danger or risk to you,” Moon Dog said, per BrewNews

It also said the three other flavours in mixed packs weren’t affected by the issue. So if you’re more of a lime girlie, good news. 

Moon Dog reiterated Food Standards’ advice to dispose of the affected drinks. Look, today is absolutely perfect cider weather anyway.

The Moon Dog Fizzer seltzers were available for sale in Liquorlands across Australia, as well as Vintage Cellars and First Choice Liquor Mart in every state except Tassie.

We’ve seen a couple of wild recalls over the years, but the number one for me will always be when a distillery in Victoria accidentally sold some bottles of hand sanitiser as gin due to a labelling mishap. What a time.