Humble Opinions: These Are The Elite Seltzer Flavours & We Won’t Hear Otherwise

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We’ve all been deeply obsessed with seltzers since the bubbly bevvies started popping up in 2016. How could we not be? They’re a lighter drink of choice, come in various delectable flavours and vary in alcohol content, so you can choose one that suits the occasion.

According to Forbes, the refreshing little drinks have accomplished in a few years what craft beer took over three decades to do, with the hard seltzer market expected to reach $30 billion in sales by 2025.

Talk about poppin’ off!

By now, most of our favourite booze brands are offering their takes on the very sippable beverages, but that hasn’t stopped a slew of Aussie brands from cracking into the market and debuting their tasty takes.

Ahead, you’ll find a bunch of our favourite hard seltzer brands currently available in Australia that actually taste like the nectar of the gods and not bin juice. We’d drink to that!

Here we go…

Moon Dog Fizzer

Moon Dog’s Seltzers start from just $8 for a 330ml can.

“I love these! The flavours are all delicious, they are low in cals and just give you a nice, zesty fizz. Piney Limey includes the taste of lime, Raspberry Sorbet is like creaming soda with alcohol, and Tropical Crush has a Passiona vibe to it. This may be a problem, but I make sure my fridge is always stocked with one of these 10 packs.” — Josie 

“I find that too much of any seltzer flavour can get a bit repetitive, so I get this mixed pack of Moon Dog to mix it up! They’re available at my local too, so at least I can keep my drink of choice consistent.” — Chantelle 

“I am obsessed with the Moon Dog Tropical Crush Fizzer. It was the only one on tap at my local for a while, and I am obsessed with it. I kid you not, it tastes like those yoghurt-topped Uncle Toby’s muesli bars, which might alarm some, but I can’t get enough. So refreshing and tasty!” — Ellie


Billson’s start from just $8 for a 355ml can.

“Billson’s is hands down one of the wildest seltzer brands on the market, they have such a huge variety of flavours (last I counted was around 30!) that always surprises and delights me to try something new each time. My personal favourite at the moment is the Sour Blueberry!” — Georgie

Good Tides Hard Seltzer

Good Tides Hard Seltzers start from just $9 for a 330ml can.

“Love Good Tides Lemon Lime Seltzer! It’s not too sweet, and the citrusy flavour is delicious! Plus, it’s lower cals than a White Claw and has a nicely balanced vodka / sparkling water ratio flavour too.” — Bianca

White Claw

White Claw Seltzers start from just $10 for a 330ml can.

“There is a reason the White Claw was the unofficial alcoholic sponsor of every Hot Girl Summer. Seriously, having one of these mango bad bois on a Friday arvvy is the closest visual aesthetic I’ll get to being Dua Lipa on a boat in Europe with the girlies taking bikini IG snaps. It’s fruity and fresh and completely encompasses that delicious mango flavour we all know and love without being too overpowering.” — Bree

“I haven’t tried all that many, but the White Claw Watermelon ones slap so hard. Not overwhelming in flavour, but way more entertaining for the mouth than a lot of other seltzers.” — Matt

“OK, I don’t think I’ve ever ordered my own seltzer at a bar, but I’ve had plenty of sips from other people and been to parties with white claws swimming around in eskys — can’t remember the flavours exactly, but I’m yet to meet a white claw I haven’t enjoyed.” — David

​​Vodka Cruiser Spritz

Vodka Cruiser Spritz’ start from just $9 for a 275ml can.

“Lowkey the summer berry Cruiser slays, it’s super refreshing and a little sweeter than other seltzers I’ve tried (without being full-on lolly water lol)” — Tiff

Actual Seltzers

Actual Seltzers start from just $9 for a 300ml can.

“I drank these before Laneway Festival in summer, and they were so easy to drink. They didn’t make me feel sick from sugar overload and were super refreshing!” — Jas

Smirnoff Seltzers

Smirnoff Seltzers start from just $9 for a 250ml can.

“I won’t lie, I love Seltzers, I’ve sipped ’em all. My go-to for summer will definitely be the passionfruit ones. They taste so damn good, they taste kind of like a passionia with alcohol. Can’t top that!” — Billie

W Seltzers

W Seltzers start from just $3.50 for a 275ml can.

“There is nothing like opening a crisp one of this hard seltzer spritzy bois on a breezy 27-degree Sydney afternoon. I am convinced they are the GOAT of all seltzers (sorry, White Claw ily, but you come second) because they are small batched brewed instead of mixed, which makes all of the difference, imo.” — Whitney

Honeysuckle Distillery Spritzs

Honeysuckle Distillery Spritzs start from just $24.95 for a four-pack.

“I’m partial to a mango-flavoured seltzer. Feels summery without being overly sweet or tasting too much like ‘fake’. I like Honeysuckle Distillery’s Tropical Vodka Crush (mango and coconut), and Saintly has a nice mango option, too.” — Steph

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