At this point in isolation, I am convinced every Australian’s diet can be categorised in one of three ways: Caramilk-flavoured shit, air fryer shit, and shit that is a pie. That’s it. Forget making your own sourdough, cute Pinterest recipes or any sort of nutrition. If it’s not a Caramilk-infused, cooked in an air fryer or a type of pie, we simply do not know her.

So, I was hardly surprised when I discovered that somebody has combined the latter two to make an air-fried Caramello Koala pie of sorts.

Technically, it’s more like a dessert sausage roll or Cornish pasty (which should absolutely be the next trends to take off).

I’m not going to go so far as to call this a “recipe”, on account of the fact that it is literally a chocolate bar wrapped in puff pastry. But this concept comes to us from a woman on Facebook known as Joanne Palmer. Joanne, I take my hat off to you.

The hack went viral in the Share Kmart Air Fryer Recipes Australia Facebook group, which is filled with a bunch of stuff you can chuck in your air fryer to pretend you’re secretly good at cooking. If you’re not in at least five of these groups, you’re probably too young for the internet. We must stan garbage food hacks.

“My partner and I saw the Caramilk version in the group and we tried it and loved it. Then we were talking about all the different chocolates we could use and he mentioned Caramello Koala and I was like OMG! Yes!” Joanne told Taste.

There’s no real recipe here, you simply cut out two roughly-Caramello Koala-shaped pieces of pastry, squish the chocolate bar in between them and throw it in the air fryer. Simple, yet effective. We love to see it.

If you want to achieve that ~golden brown~ shade of pastry, you can brush it with some milk. But even if you don’t, it’ll still taste delicious.

Did we need another unhealthy food wrapped in pastry? No. But will I be making them while I’m locked up in mandatory isolation? You betcha.