It’s Croctober Which Means Crocs Is Crushing Prices On Clogs, Sandals, Slides, And Jibbitz

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Crocs used to be known as the ‘ugly sandal’. But as time has passed and people are less worried about what others think of them, the world’s ugliest, but comfiest clog has been embraced. And honestly, when your feet are being caressed by an enclosure of moulded Croslite, who cares what anyone else thinks. Especially here in Australia, where Crocs are a great fit for the weather.

Crocs have also embraced their role as an ugly, yet comfy, wardrobe staple. So much so that there’s a whole month dedicated to the shoe — Croctober. For the whole month of October, Crocs have been slinging discounts across a bunch of their products. They’ve also started their Click Frenzy sale a day early (absolute legends), with up to 40 per cent off clogs, slides, boots, thongs, sandals and more.

In addition to all the sales and discounts, Crocs have also spent this month releasing new products. The most notable being a pair of Crocs Classic Cowboy Boots. I’m not here to yuck anyone’s yum — and I actually kind of like them — but these cowboy boot Crocs are definitely for the fashion outlaws. Unfortunately, they sold out in three hours (yee-haw), but if you missed out, there are heaps of other — much cooler — styles currently on sale for Croctober.

And, if you’re still not convinced, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite clogs, slides, sandals and platform Crocs you can wear anywhere.


The shoe that started it all. Crocs Classic Clogs are the original comfy, ugly, waterproof shoe. They’re super breathable and can fit 26 Jibbitz and come in 26 different colours. Of course, it wouldn’t be Croctober if the Classic Clog wasn’t on sale.

If you want to add some personality to your Crocs, these Classic Chain Clogs are the perfect way to keep the classic Croc look with a touch of style.

You can also switch out the chains if you aren’t a fan of matching colours.

crocs sale

If you don’t want your toesies exposed to the elements, you can always pick up a pair of these Lined Classic Clogs. The polyester lining is soft and toasty, while still being durable enough for outdoor wear.

The perfect Crocs for winter in Australia — get in early.

If you’re looking for the comfort of Crocs while still being able to rock the athleisure aesthetic, the Off Court Clogs are a dream come true. It’s like if Vans and Crocs had a baby.

crocs sale

Only the most fashionable will be able to handle the sheer style and hefty responsibility that comes with owning streetwear Crocs. The Echo Clog is the stylish, younger sibling of the Classic Clog and is here to slay.

Platform Crocs

I’m sorry but these are actually the coolest Crocs shoes I have ever seen in my life. You cannot look me in the eye and say these are ugly or uncool because you would be lying to yourself. Mega Crush Clog stans rise up.

crocs sale

Barbie who? These Siren Clogs come in pink, black and bone and I will be purchasing them in every single colour.

If the Mega Crush Clog is too much, the Crocs Classic Platform Clog will help to tone it down a little. Or maybe you want to use these as your house Crocs and your Mega Crush Clogs as your going out ones. It’s Croctober, I won’t judge.

crocs sale

The Mega Crush Sandal is a dad sandal but make it fashion. 10/10, no notes.

Crush this, Crush that, how about a regular-ass platform slide that you can wear to the beach, to brunch, and to run errands all while looking chic in a pair of Crocs? Sign us up.

crocs sale

Slides and sandals

While we love a good pair of platform shoes, sometimes they’re impractical. Enter, the Classic Crocs Slide. They’re basically a regular slide, but with the added option to stick ya Crocs Jibbitz in ’em.

I have a crush on these Crush Meta Pearl Slides. The Y2K visual of chunky shoes never gets old and these Crocs will definitely match all of your 2000s-inspired ‘fits.

crocs sale

You know that one mate who’s convinced she’ll never be a Crocs girlie? She will be when you get her these cute af sandals for Christmas.

These sandals are so cute despite looking like the remains of a teddy bear. Just imagine sliding the dogs into a pair of these bad boys after a long day of walking around.

crocs sale

If the Classic Crocs Slides didn’t catch your eye, then surely these sandals will. These slide-on sandals offer a bit more support thanks to the double strap situation going on up the top. Time to get ya toes out.


Crocs have been a bit clever here with their boots. Instead of putting your Jibbitz on holes on the top of the shoe (where water would get in if you were playing in mud puddles), they’ve popped them at the very top of the entrance of the boot, so you can flash your Jibbitz at passersby while keeping your socks dry.

crocs sale

If regular, old Crocs boots aren’t gonna cut it, these platform Crush Boots certainly will. Keep your feet dry — and stylish — with this iconic look.

Crocs Jibbitz Charms

No pair of Crocs shoes are complete without some Jibbitz charms, and these tattoo-inspired ones are a great choice. They come in a five-pack so you’re already saving money compared to buying them individually. And thanks to Croctober, they’ve been discounted even further.

crocs sale
crocs sale

This Fuzzy Watermelon Jibbitz Charm is a sweet addition to any pair of Crocs, and the soft texture contrasts nicely with the actual shoe.

Anyone wanna trade a Fruit Roll-Up for my Vegemite sandwich? No? Fine, I’ll just have my choccy milk Jibbitz.

crocs sale

What’s the tea, sis? Show how much you love sipping the tea with this Jibbitz charm that’s just as hot as you and the Crocs you wear.

This ghosty boi has come just in time for Croctober (and Halloween). Spook your mates with a tiny ghost friend on your cool Crocs shoes.

You can get up to 40 per cent off Crocs shoes and Jibbitz during the Click Frenzy sale. Shop it here.

Image Credit: Crocs Australia