Well Slap My Jibbitz And Call Me Grimace, Crocs And Maccas Have Teamed Up For A Collab

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Crocs is bringing new meaning to the phrase ‘Macca’s run’ with its range of McDonald’s-inspired shoes. While there’s still no sign of the legendary Mater Crocs in sight, we’re getting the next best thing — Grimace sandals.

You’ll be able to get your hands on the Crocs x McDonald’s collaboration from the Crocs website here, from today until they sell out, which we bet will be in a matter of minutes. The products include the Crocs Classic Clog, sandals, socks and Jibbitz charms featuring everyone’s favourite Maccas mascots.

Grimace Cozzzy Sandal

Maccas and Crocs have given the girlies what they want with these purple lined sandals that come with Jibbitz of Grimace, a milkshake (Grimace’s favourite from the Macca’s menu), and his eyes and mouth, so you can make Grimace Picasso art on your feet.

mcdonald's crocs

Personally, I’m a huge fan of Grimace looking at my dogs all day, but if you’d rather cover up your feet, there’s also a pair of Grimace socks.

McDonald’s Classic Clog

mcdonald's crocs

If you want a more literal take on the Crocs x McDonald’s mashup, these Classic Clogs come in red, white and yellow. Macca’s in its purest form.

There’s also a five-pack of McDonald’s Jibbitz with chips, a drink, a Big Mac, the golden arches, and a pack of nuggies.

Birdie Classic Clog

If your favourite Maccas mascot growing up was Birdie, slay. This bird with human hair was initially added to the mascot lineup to promote McDonald’s breakfast items, with her favourite being the Egg McMuffin, which we love.

Aside from the Egg McMuffin Jibbitz, there’s Birdie socks too.

Hamburglar Classic Clog

mcdonald's crocs

These black and white striped Crocs Classic Clogs come with Jibbitz featuring the Hamburglar and a hamburger. You can also get matching socks that have hamburgers with eyes on them.

Also, just gonna say it, McChicken > Hamburger.

Lead image credit: McDonald’s/Crocs