A TikToker Has Gone Viral For This Game-Changing Macca’s McNugget Hack & I’m Ready To Fkn Feast

Aussie TikToker and viral foodie Bec Hardgraves (@BecHardgrave) has done the lord’s work once again, this time sharing a cheeky Macca’s hack.

I don’t know about y’all, but McDonald’s is one of my go-to restaurants after a big night out, and the main thing that I get from their delectable menu is a 10-pack of Nuggets with a bunch of different sauces.

So best believe when Hardgrave dropped this PHAT hack, I jumped on the bandwagon immediately. Basically, the viral foodie showed how you can cop a giant McNugget by simply ordering a McChicken patty on its own.

“Okay, so they’re not exactly called giant McChicken Nuggets, but they pretty much are. Apparently, McDonald’s uses the same coating on their nuggets as the McChicken patties,” McGraves said.

“All you need to do is order a McChicken patty on its own, and it’s only $2.30 versus paying $7.70 for six nuggets.

“You know when you just wanna have extra nuggies with your meal, but they’re just so expensive on their own? Try this instead.”

Even though it’s probably one of the easiest “hacks” or “secret menu items” that’s out there, I would’ve never thought of grabbing a McChicken patty on its own to make it into a mega McNugget.

It’s honestly bloody genius!

Hardgrave also gave us a new sauce combo to try, which is the McChicken sauce mixed with the sweet and sour sauce, and it looks absolutely divine.

Image Source: TikTok / @BecHardgrave

To level things up, I reckon you could even try this hack with the McSpicy patty and Cajun sauce.

Since uploading the hack, Hardgrave’s TikTok has received more than 581k views and heaps of comments from people wanting to try a giant McChicken nuggie.

“OMG, I’m going there tomorrow. how has no one shared this before?” one person wrote.

“I would usually get the Double McChicken so I can eat my giant nugget separate to my burger,” a second user added.

Another person joked that prices will go up after the influencer shared the hack, which is something I wouldn’t be surprised with.

Currently, in my area, a McChicken patty costs three buck-a-roos on Ubereats, and it costs $8.90 for a six-pack of McNuggets.

IMO, both are still quite pricey, but I still would give the mega McNugget hack a try.