The McDonald’s Ice-Cream Cakes From Your Childhood Birthdays Still Exist & It’s A McYes From Me

Get ready to launch yourself back into the past because McDonald’s has confirmed you can actually buy their nostalgic ice cream birthday cakes in-store.

One of the most memorable things about having a Macca’s b-day party was that damn ice cream cake, and recently, Aussie TikToker Bec Hardgrave — who was responsible for that giant chicken McNugget hack — went on a mission to find one.

“My birthday is coming up and it started triggering old memories of the old McDonald’s birthday parties,” Hardgrave began.

“And then I remembered McDonald’s birthday cakes. Like, the ice cream cakes.”

The video then cuts to her jumping through her local Macca’s drive-through where she successfully acquired the nostalgic gem.

“Oh my god. They had it,” she exclaimed.

“Here’s the receipt. It was $14.95. It doesn’t even have McDonald’s packaging, but the guy literally handed me this and he’s like, ‘I’ve never seen anyone get this before’.”

Initially, I was quite sceptical about how easily Hardgrave was able to obtain this fossil — with my mind going straight to influencer privileges — however, a spokesperson for the fast food giant confirmed to that you can still cop an ice cream cake.

“We love seeing our customers reminisce on special memories at Macca’s,” the spokesperson told the publication.

“The nostalgic McDonald’s ice-cream cake is available for purchase in some restaurants, pending stock availability.

“If you would like to purchase it, we recommend calling your local restaurant ahead of time to check if they have it in stock.”

Most Aussies would remember celebrating their birthday via a wild party at Mickey Dees. To this day, I reminisce about the high chairs that featured Macca’s mascots Grimace and Ronald McDonald, folks asking me if I wanted a cheeseburger or nuggets for lunchies and that darn cake.

Macca’s was truly a different time before it got unyassified with the modern architecture it currently has. Sorry, not sorry, but Macca’s ya done downgraded.

As much as I would love to reminisce about old McDonald’s through this ice cream cake, I’m pleading for Ronald McDonald to bring back the OG Happy Meal toys.

The Strawberry Shortcake lip balms and Lizzie McGuire Happy Meal collection are literally my Roman Empire.