Gelato Messina Is Bringing Back Its God-Tier Viennetta Tubs So Stick One Right In My Chunt Hole

If you cast your minds to last year, when Gelato Messina launched a tub of Viennetta. Well, it’s back, baby – and you can order it next week.

You might remember how I had a shower thought about how Viennetta ice cream cakes should actually come in a tub, so you don’t have to deal with all that mess and fuss if you don’t want to scarf it down in one sitting. The sneaky buggers at Gelato Messina pretty much immediately slid into my mentions with a picture of what that would, could, might just look like if Messina did its own version of a Viennetta. In a tub. Just like I had imagined.

They also mentioned that it might just be a reality in the coming months. I set myself a reminder in my calendar and everything because I needed to see my psychic abilities and manifestation come to fruition.

Well, it’s happening, baby. The gelato lords are blessing us with the Messinetta tub.

And before you ask, yes they have gotten the wiggly ice cream bit down pat.

What, and I simply cannot stress this enough, the FUCK.

messina viennetta tub

The Messina twist on a Viennetta is straight up a real fancy-ass version of the beloved ice cream cakes, which were 100% a marker of how popular and deeply spoilt you were as a kid.

I’m talking fior di latte gelato, choc chips and choccy fudge layers, topped with piped vanilla Chantilly (the wiggly bit!!) and a misting of a chocolate velvet spray. And yes, I have been informed that Messina did get that classic – and essential – Ice Magic-esque chocolate ripple in there.

You know, that hard choc layer that’s so utterly satisfying to crack through. Oh, baby yes PLEASE.

The new iteration of the Messina Hot Tubs that pays homage to the iconic and perfect ice cream cake is on sale for $30 a pop from the Messina website on Monday February 25 for pick up on the 26th to the 28th. The link will be added at 10am.

And the best part? If you don’t finish it in one sitting you can just pop the lid back on and bung it in the freezer. No mess, no fuss. My dream.