Viennetta In A Tub Is My Weekend Shower Thought That, Frankly, Should Be A Reality

Ah, the Viennetta. The fancy-pants ice cream cake that was very much a Special Occasions Only treat from the shops when I was a kid (and I feel like it’s the same now, as an adult.) The natural progression of ice cream cakes was Freddo cake, and then eventually graduating to a Viennetta, with all its wiggly ice cream and crackly chocolate layers. But the only issue I have with the beloved frozen treat is that it needs to come in a tub.

Imagine that, a Viennetta in a tub. So you can eat as much as you like and not worry about absolutely destroying it trying to get it back in the freezer.

viennetta tub proposal
Ice cream? In a bag? In a box? Why? Foolish.

My idea for Viennetta In A Tub came to me in the shower on Saturday morning, and after taking this idea to Twitter, I can only say that it’s got enough support that at least 20 units will be sold. At least.

Now I know people are gonna yell at me about this because a lot of the charm of the Viennetta is about the presentation. There’s a distinct beauty in seeing all the layers, all that wiggly ice cream and chocolate shards that are basically like a bougie Ice Magic, and I absolutely agree.

That’s why my patented Viennet-tub is able to be removed from the tub with a simple flip. Kinda like getting a cake out of a tin. Chuck a plate on the top of the tub, flip it over, a light pat on the bum of the tub so it comes loose, and there you go. A Viennetta just like mama used to make (read: get out of the freezer and leave to get just soft enough to slice.)

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Some people alerted me to the fact that this once did actually exist. Streets used to do something called the ‘Vienna’ which looks like it was essentially a single-serve Viennetta in a little tub. Also, it was available in the 1960s which is…yeah that’s never coming back.

Others told me that the Magnum cracking chocolate tubs are pretty much a Viennetta in a tub which I appreciate, but there’s something special about the wiggly ice cream. It aerates the whole thing and just makes it a touch fancier.

Also lurking in my replies were the ratbags over at Gelato Messina, who dropped an image of what looks like a really fucken bougie Viennetta. In a tub.

First of all – what the fuck am I actually psychic? Is this really happening? What part of my brain have I unlocked here and how do I use it to manifest everything?

Secondly, this is real. It’s not just some incredibly-fast photoshopping from Messina. I had a little chat with the team and they’re actually releasing this “Messinetta” tub in a couple of month’s time as part of their new ‘Hot Tubs’ range.

They literally released an Iced Vovo one today, and they’re working on dropping the Viennetta tub in September sometime. It’s a revisit of their 2014 Messinetta cake, and yes, it has the Ice Magic chocolate layers.

I’m furious that they have plucked this straight from my brain and made it a reality. Get out of my head!!

But, in lieu of Streets actually coming to the dessert table here with a legit Viennetta tub, I’ll gladly take this incoming bougie version.

Anyway, Streets, call me. Let’s talk wiggly ice cream.

In the meantime, I’ve gotta work on manifesting this.