Mini Viennetta Ice Creams Just Dropped At Coles So You Can Pretend Every Day Is Nan’s Birthday

coles mini viennetta vienna ice creams

Clear some space in the freezer and get out the good plates, because tiny versions of the fancy Viennetta ice cream cakes have popped up in Coles shops around the country. Finally, I can munch down on a squiggly ice cream in one go instead of trying to shovel as much of a full-sized cake in before eventually giving up and destroying it trying to slide if back into the packaging.

The Mini Vienna Vanilla sticks have just landed in freezer sections at supermarkets, which are pretty much everything you’d imagine: a teeny little Viennetta-style ice cream on a stick. No sharing, no cutting into slices, just one little chunk of wiggly vanilla ice cream and and crunchy chocolate to inhale all on your own.

I saw these little morsels of yum pop up on Instagram this week through the snack connoisseurs over at Food Finds Geelong, who posted up a whole heap of delicious new icy treats while on their routine Coles shop.

coles mini vienna viennetta ice creams

Upon further investigation (literally just looking it up on the online store), I found that these little five packs of teeny weenie Viennetta-adjacent treats will set you back $5 a box. Five bucks! That’s a dollar a stick! Pure value, right there.

The mini Vienna ice creams have been around the traps internationally for a while – much to my deep jealousy and pure envy – and now they’re here with us. Now I can go and buy a pack of these mini squiggly ice creams, hold one in my hand, and pretend I’m a giant in the frozen dessert tundra.

Look, I’m just thankful we’re not in the US, who apparently collectively lost their shit when the full-sized Viennetta came back, because they haven’t had them in stores for 30 years. 30 YEARS. What the fuck did they even do for fancy birthday cakes, or special occasions in the 90s? Nothing?

Back to the point: mini Vienna sticks are at the shops now, and judging by the weather today, it’s a dangerous day to be a box of ice creams in the freezer.