Please Help Us Find The Macca’s Worker Who Put Their Whole McPussy Into This Choccy Sundae

TikToker films hilarious reaction to Mcdonald's Maccas Chcolate Hot Fudge Sunday

It’s honestly a once-in-a-lifetime thing to be blessed with a fast food item that is made with so much love and care that it transcends you into hyperspace, and when it does happen you literally forget where the food came from.

Not that Macca’s or KFC or any of those kinda establishments are poo poo wee wee, but sometimes when you hit that peak hour the food is kinda mid. But when it slaps, IT SLAPS.

Aussie TikToker @Lillyelhughes documented the monumental moment where she was blessed with a Macca’s sundae that was made to perfection.

@lillyelhughesMMMM♬ original sound – Lilly :p

Lily began the video by explaining what her go-to sundae order is — a Chocolate Hot Fudge Sundae with added M&Ms. She then discussed why she just doesn’t get an M&M McFlurry, noting that sometimes the Macca’s girlies can be McStingy with the hot fudge sauce, so she converted to the sundae, which is lathered in the chocolate goodness.

She then showed the camera one of the most remarkable things ever. A sundae with the chocolate at the bottom with the little M&Ms mixed in! IDK about you guys but I’ve yet to see this kinda TLC at my local Macca’s.

“What queen of hospitality, customer service fucking put their whole McPussy into making me the most scrumdiddlyumptious, they put M&M’s at the bottom in the chocolate like like MMMMMMMM,” Lily said as she frothed over her choccy sundae.

People in the comments then claimed that they do that in their Macca’s, and I am taking notes on who and where to go when I need a Macca’s Sundae fix.

TikToker Shares A Perfect Chocolate Sundae From Maccas

TikToker Shares A Perfect Chocolate Sundae From Maccas

One person even claimed that the person who made that perfect sundae was “someone who’s already decided that they are quitting.”

I must also mention that Lily’s reaction to the sundae is fucking iconic.

Twitter user Bec Shaw reshared the TikTok writing: This is an example of great Australian storytelling” and I definitely agree.

Everything about this video is fucking perfect, but imma need Lily to drop the location of this Macca’s ASAP so I can cop one of those delectable sundaes.