Streets Has Unleashed Neapolitan Viennetta & We Can’t Wait To Argue Over Who Gets What Flavour

coles neapolitan viennetta ice cream cake

Hold the god damn bloody phone my sweet-toothed friends, because a new Viennetta has entered the delicious dessert arena. Not just any flavour either. Three flavours in one, my friends. A fucken Neapolitan Viennetta.

The brand new triple-flavour Neapolitan Viennetta has just been unleashed into the freezer aisle at supermarkets across the country, massively raising the bar for Nan’s next birthday. God she’s gonna be so stoked about this.

Coming in at $7 a pop at your local Coles, these delish new ice cream cakes sub out the whole vanilla approach with the holy trinity of childhood desserts: elite chocolate, appreciated vanilla, and unfairly ignored strawberry. Just picture that blessed wiggly ice cream layer, but it’s both strawberry and vanilla with chocolate bits, and everyone’s fighting over who gets the better third. Ahh, sounds like a dream.

neapolitan viennetta new product coles
It’s popped up around the world and now it’s our turn, binches. [Image: Instagram / @foody_land26]
In what’s surely got to be a true genius move to negate any arguments about who gets the chocolate part of the Neapolitan cake, those iconic swirls of Ice Magic-grade curls are woven through the fancy new Viennetta. Streets, you smart bastards, you’ve completely nipped any complaints of “quit hogging the chocolate bit!!!” right in the bud.

There’s really not much more I can tell you about this tasty new friend in the freezer, other than the fact that they’re so bloody fresh that I can’t even find any photos of them online from Australian fans. Not even my favourite treat sleuths, FoodFindsGeelong, has pinged this one to their Insta story, though I’m more than sure it’ll be posted up by the weekend.

Absolutely catch me elbow deep in the freezers at the shops later though, fossicking around to try and get my grubby little paws on one of these Neapolitan Viennetta ice cream cakes. It’s actually my mum’s birthday tomorrow so this is an excellently-timed drop for a ~special occasions only~ dessert.