In A Crime Against Tastebuds, A TikToker Concocted A Macca’s Loaded Fries Worthy Of Jail Time

maccas loaded fries tiktok

A TikToker with either a plentiful number of tastebuds, or none at all, has created a DIY Macca’s loaded fries. I’m not quite sure how to feel about all this and TBH I was especially triggered when she vigorously ~shook~ the creation to combine it all. Let’s investigate what exactly is going on here.

Creator Lauren Kate Griffiths is the brains behind a video captioned “McDonald’s loaded fries. Insane!!!”

Her words not mine, although I’m not going to fight her on them.


McDonald’s loaded fries 😍 insane!!! #fyp #foryou #mcdonalds @McDonald’s #mcdonaldshacks #loadedfries #eatwithme #mukbang #food #dinner

♬ original sound – Lauren Griffiths

“Okay, so I keep seeing this trend everywhere, all over my For You Page, of the McDonald’s loaded fries,” she begins.

“I could not, not do this one.”

Oh, au contraire. I reckon you could’ve quite easily not, not not done this one.

“Now I’ve brought this tub with me, and fork,” she explains from the front seat of her car.

Lauren then adds a large fries and chicken selects which I don’t believe are available in Australia but can be swapped out for nuggets.

She also chucks in the patty from a double cheeseburger which gets evenly distributed in the form of torn-up chunks over the base layer of chippy and nuggie.

“This is looking phenomenal,” Lauren straight-up lies.

“I feel like I might shake it just before I put the sauce on,” she says before shaking it and waking up the ghost of Anthony Bourdain in the process.

Finally, sauces are added to the top of her loaded fries concoction that she describes as “amazing”.

What’s also amazing is that the loaded fries TikTok has had 4.3 million views and clocked over 400,000 likes in the few days since being posted.

But, in true internet fashion, you can’t please everyone.

The comments section contains everything from “it’s not loaded fries. it’s just ur Maccies (sic) in bits, in a tub,” to “looks good, but be freezing cold by the time you’ve done this” as well as “why not bring the blender next time and just drink it lol”.

I don’t wanna yuck someone’s yum but like …yuck.

No, I will not be taking questions.