TikTok Has Enlightened Us With Macca’s Smashed Soft Serve & It’s A Real Jean-Creamer

macca's smashed soft serve hack tiktok

We’re all suckers for a good Macca’s hack, and this one’s a delicious doozy – TikTok is going nuts over something called “smashed soft serve” which pretty much does what it says on the tin. It’s soft serve ice creams, all smashed up. Simple, to the point, and sounds god damn delicious.

Foodie TikToker @adrianwidjy shared the dessert hack on TikTok this week, changing the way I look at the humble 70c cone. He goes to his local Maccas with his own dish, orders five soft serve cones, upends them into the dish, mashes it up, and then eats the thing with a spoon.


You must try this hack! so good! #smashedsoftserve @mcdonaldsau #eskrimgeprek #placesinsydney #sydney #australia #iamobsessed #mcdonalds #softserve


Excuse me, and also come the fuck again? This looks ELITE. I love it, and I want it right now thank you.

Imagine getting a bunch of cones and just chucking them into a tray, smooshing it all together, and going hell for leather at it with a spoon. It’s some real next-level dessert behaviour, and I’m all about it.

This Macca’s soft serve hack is inspired by Indonesia’s obsession with “Es Krim Geprek”, which roughly translates to “smashed soft serve”, and if you follow that hashtag on TikTok you’ll find a whole smorgasbord of smooshed up desserts.

Someone replied to Adrian’s initial Macca’s hack TikTok, noting that they typically add toppings in Indonesian versions of the hack, so he went back for round two and ordered a side of Oreo crunch (from the McFlurry station) to mix in.

The man’s running an in-car Cold Rock at this point, I love it.

Needing to know more about these smashed soft serve ice creams, I had a little sniff around the Indo hashtag, and found these inspiring gems.


nyobain eskrim geprek viral bersama bang @chamrent🍦 #eskrimgeprek #eskrimmcd


Mini Oreos and tiny rainbow bubble puffs? Yes thanks.


Literally kena racyun TikTok 🍦🍦🍦 #menuviral #eskrimgeprek #mcd

♬ Butter (feat. Megan Thee Stallion) – BTS

This one looks like a god damn sundae with its Oreos, M&Ms, slivered almonds, and chocolate wafter straws. What the fuck.

Well screw this, as soon as it’s tools down I’m doing a Macca’s run and trying out this smashed soft serve situation. Sounds simply sensational.