Two Aussie Gals Made A TikTok Ad To Find Their Next Housemate & Maybe I Should Move Interstate

adelaide tiktok share house ad

A pair of gals in Adelaide have turned to TikTok to find their next housemate in a hilariously entertaining video that makes me want to move interstate.

Tarn, Ren, and their plant Harold are just “three young, bubbly, passionate 20 something-year-olds who are pre-celebrities and live by one motto and one motto only: YOLO”.

Earlier this week, the pair (or trio if you want to include non-human members of the sharehouse) posted a video on TikTok advertising their three bedrooms, 1.5 bathroom home in Radelaide after their former housemate Melissa told them she was moving out.

And honestly, someone fetch me a tent because the video ad for their place is nothing but pure camp. Sporting colour-blocking baby blue and pink/purple chic fits respectively, the fabulous duo walk around their house – which btw, could be yours – and show off its assets with a martini in hand like the main characters in a The Great Gatsby spin-off.

If you do so grant yourself the blessed opportunity to live with these seemingly amazing method actresses, you’ll be living in a cute and “fully sustainable household”. I’m talking, a household that subscribes to Who Gives A Crap, Zero Co, and Gargoyles, hangs polaroids of each other on the fridge, and knows how to recycle. A place with a big ass bath, oozing with charm, and just a short walk away from Parade Mall.

The ad isn’t complete without a cheeky montage of Tarn and Ren vibing around the house, clinging takeaway coffee cups like wine glasses in the sunny backyard, and singing in front of their piano.

And the best news? You can have all of this and more for just *drumroll please* $160 a week. Excuse me while I cry in Sydney’s $300 a week average. Honestly, it beats all the derelict crumbling debris disguised as a rental property we’ve reported on in Sydney and Melbourne.

You can watch the full Adelaide share house ad on TikTok below.


✨When a Facebook Ad isn’t enough✨ Like for us to recreate when we find a third. #housemate #search #adelaide #fyp

♬ original sound – Ren

As of publishing, it doesn’t seem like the pair have found their third housemate. But, when they do (which could be you!), they said they’ll update us all with a follow up video. Until then, you can get in touch with the pair in the comments to chat about being their next housemate.

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