Pls Gasp In Horror At This Syd TikToker’s Creepy Tale Of Being Stalked By A Potential Flatmate

Sydney Tiktoker stalked by potential flatmate

A Sydney woman has made a series of TikToks about the time she was stalked by an “obsessive” potential flatmate and it is some You shit.

Sophia (@sophiainsydney), an American TikToker who moved to Sydney and makes vlogs about it, uploaded a video from the inside of her apartment as an ad for a new flatmate.

A bunch of randoms responded to the $650 per week room (ooft) she advertised, including a girl who made plans for an inspection.

When the girl arrived to view the apartment, she brought gifts (!!) not only for Sophia, but for her housemate and their dog?? Apparently the presents were “really nice”, too.

“I was just like, ‘Wow that’s so nice and thoughtful’,” Sophie recalled.

“But then the things that she got me were things that I liked. I had posted [some of those things] on my TikTok before so I feel like that’s how she knew that I liked [them].”

While watching Sophia’s TikToks is not weird, she described the girls’ gift-giving as “love-bombing”. Especially because after that, shit only got weirder.


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The potential housemate then started “crossing boundaries” by bombarding Sophia with messages and requests to hang, including asking if she could bring food over to Sophia. Fucking creepy behaviour from a total stranger!

“Things started to get a bit too much. She started messaging me everywhere like on Instagram, Whatsapp, TikTok,” Sophia said.

“If I didn’t respond on one platform she would be messaging me on other platforms. It was so overwhelming.

“She would ask me so many personal, nosy questions from the get go,” she continued, despite the fact “she had all this extensive information on me.”


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Sophia said the potential roommate also bombarded her with inappropriately intimate information about her life.

She said she was told stories that were so “serious and traumatic” and included such “huge” allegations that she didn’t want to tell them on TikTok because they would be “too triggering”. Mind you, the girl was sharing these stories with Sophia only the second time they had met, the first time being the apartment inspection.

Some of the stories included wild fluctuations about the girls’ relationship with her boyfriend, which was loving one moment and toxic the next.

Sophia said she felt like the girl was trauma dumping in an attempt “to evoke sympathy” and gain trust.

The girl also claimed she was a med student, which Sophia felt was suss because medical students are typically laden with coursework, but the girl was always available and trying to hang out.

On top of all that, the girl then began posting TikTok videos imitating Sophia’s style. Honestly, it’s here that I’d move away to a whole new suburb. Which Sophia actually did, according to the video below.

What freaked Sophia out the most, though, was when the girl then joined her gym without telling her.

“The most shocking thing was that she started going to my gym,” she said.

“She did not tell me she was going. She didn’t say anything, and just acted like it was all a coincidence.”

Again, that wouldn’t be weird on its own, but given the girl was also always talking to her… wouldn’t you mention something like this?

Sophia promised a part three with “the craziest” details of the story but so far that’s not up yet. Consider this a petition for the next instalment because we need to know!