A TikToker Thinks She’s Figured Out How To Tell If Someone’s Been Stalking Your IG In Secret

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Do you ever get the feeling that someone’s watching you? By you, I mean your Instagram stories, but without you knowing? A TikToker reckons she’s figured out how to tell if people are stalking your Insta on the sly.

TikToker @ireeeezzeyy shared a spicy video with her wild theory that she even tested to confirm.

She reckons when those weird-ass bots pop up in the list of people who have viewed your Instagram story, that’s actually someone using a third party site to have a peek at your page without using their own profile.

“These accounts viewing your stories are people stalking you,” she began, pointing to a screenshot of the bots.

She then recounted how a friend of hers blocked some bloke then started seeing all these bots pop up.

The TikToker went ahead and tested the theory by posting an IG story on her page, then she used one of the third party sites to watch her own story and BOOM. A bunch of bots appeared in her viewed stories list.

“I don’t know why anyone would want to anonymously view your stories but do what you wish with this information and stay safe,” she concluded.


It doesn’t tell you who’s behind the sneaky stalking, it just lets you know that you have stalkers. CHARLATANS!

Meanwhile, TikTok really has become the home of spicy Instagram hacks, hasn’t it?

In another TikTok that we previously reported on, some gal actually figured out how to tell who’s behind the anonymous creeping.

Her method involved exposing a person who’s created a fake account to view your stories without you knowing it’s them.

In the video, TikTok user @therealtarnanlamb demonstrated that by using Instagram’s “forgot password” feature, you can enter the name of the fake account and find out the first and last digit of that user’s email as well as the last two digits of their phone number.

“From there, I went to my followers and used that first letter of their name to kind of figure out who out of these people who follow me would do something like this. Usually, it’s someone who knows you,” she said.

“I took a list of suspects and used their real account, and I did the same thing, put in their real account, hit forgot password, and then it’ll come up with the email and the last two digits of their phone number.”

This is the part that makes me squirm, because most of the time you’ll find out some ex-partner or friend is the one stalking you.

“I found an email and phone number that matched perfectly with the fake account,” she said.

“If you’re thinking, ‘well how is this 100 per cent accurate?’, well what are the odds of someone’s first letter and last number of their email and last two digits of their phone number matching perfectly. Those odds are so low.

“You’re welcome. Do this to find out who’s stalking you and who’s sending you rude messages.”

Have a watch below:


all i have to say is ur welcome #instagram #fakeaccs #FerragamoLetsDance

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Daaaaaamn y’all are shady!

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